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German Units


Unit Commander: Dave Burch

Unit Formed: 1975

Members In: OH, NJ, KY, TN, AL, IA, TX, OK, GA, NC, MI, WI, IN, IL, MO, LA, MS, WV, SC, FL, PA, NM and Canada

Two Stug III assault guns
One 88mmFlak gun
several SdKfz 251 half-tracks
one Kettenkrad
one Demag and Pak38
several Schwimmwagens
various Motorcycles (most with sidecars)
one Mercedes 170V Staff Car
one field kitchen "Goulash Kannone"
various trucks and bicycles

Unit Co-Commanders: John O'Donnell and Tom Comer

Unit Formed: 1990

Members In: AZ, IL, WI, MI, MT, IN, MO, CA, Germany, Austria, Canada


(1) Hetzer

(2) SdKfz 251D (OT810/Conversion)

(1) Opel Blitz 3ton Allrad

(1) IG18

(1) Flak39

(3) motorcycles w/sidecar
SdKfz 247 armored car
(1) Original field kitchen "Goulash Cannon"
(1) 1936 Ford truck
(1) 2cm, Flakvierling 38
(1) Kettenkrad
(1) Pak 38
(1) 8cm GrW34 (mortar)

 2. SS-Panzer Division "Das Reich"
Unit Commander: John Tobin
Unit Formed: 2001
Members In: MN. WI. ND. IA.

1- Reproduction Volkswagen Kubelwagen, Type 82
1- Original Volkswagen Kubelwagen, Type 82
2- SdKfz 251C (OT810/Conversion)
2- BMW R/70 Motorcycles w/sidecar


2. Fallschirmjager Division

Unit Commander: Chris Ketcherside

Unit Formed: Formed in 2008, Chartered in 2009

Members In: IL , IN, OH, KY, MI

Vehicles: NSU motorcycle (repro), bicycles

  • SS-Fallschirmjäger Battalion 500 & 600

  • Unit Commander: David Neale

    Unit Formed:2020

    Members In: MN, IA, CO, WI

    Vehicles: Kubelwagens, 1 BMW w/sidecar

  3. 3rd Infanterie Division

Unit Commander: Michael Alexander

Unit Formed: 2007 (2013 HRS Chartered)

Members In:WI, MN

Sd. Kfz. 222 replica
1941 Ford 1-1/2 ton prime mover truck
2-BMW R71 replica
1-BMW R75 replica


  3. 3rd Gebirgs Division

Unit Co-Commanders: Robert Hodill Nicholas Bierhals

Unit Formed: 2016

Members In: IA, IL , MD, WI

Vehicles: n/a

3. 3rd Panzergrenadier Division
  3. 3rd SS Division


Unit Commander: Zach Hardin

Unit Formed: 2009

Members In: IL, IN, MO, OH


5. SS-Panzer Division "Wiking"

Unit Commander: Rey Ramirez

Unit Formed: 1982

Members in: Colorado


Unit Commander: Tim Buehler

Unit Formed: 1998

Members in: MI, OH, IN, IL & Canada

1-251 Halftrack
1- 1941 Ford Truck
2- 1944 Kubelwagen
2- Replica Kubelwagen

  6. 6th SS Division

Unit Commander: Scott Bacon

Unit Formed: 2011

Members In: Indiana, Ohio


7. 7th Panzer Division
  • 7th Panzer

Unit Commander: Ken Kerwell

Unit Formed: 2009

Members In: WI, IL

Vehicles: 1 Kubelwagen

  8. Jäger Division

Unit Commander: Earl Overschmidt

Unit Formed: 1976

Members In: MO, IL, FL, MN, OH, TX

3 BMW Motorcycles
1 1945 Kublewagon
1 1945 Chevy Troop Truck
1 1946 Chevy Troop Truck

10. SS-Panzerdivision "Frundsberg"

Unit Commander: Alexander Bartoli

Unit Formed: 2016

Members In: IA, IL, IN, MI, MN, WI

1 Motorcycle CJ750/BMW R71-1
SdKfz 222 Armored Car
SdKfz 250 Halftrack
SdKfz 251 Halftrack

11. SS-Panzergrenadier Division "Nordland"

Unit Commander: John Colyer

Unit Formed: 1995 

Members In: KS, MO, OH, IL, VA, CA


2- Motorcycles

1-Motorcycle & sidecar

1- Flakwagon

1- Armored car

Unit Commander: Jeff Fronczak

Unit Formed: 2006

Members In: Illinois


1935 Opel Luxus Fahrrad

1939 NSU Fahrrad (reproduction)

(2) BMW R71 Motorcycles w/ sidecars

1941 Chevy Truck

Unit Commander: Dave Fornell

Unit Formed: 1998

Members In: Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin, Iowa


2 Kubelwagons,

1-VW KDF wagon reproduction

1- Ford Truck

1- R70 Motorcycle.
1- 1940 1 1/2 ton Chevy Truck


1 Division ROA

Unit Commander: Nick Zubenko

Unit Formed: 2010

Members In: Illinois



709. Infanterie Division

Unit Commander: John Bostek

Unit Formed: 2008

Members In: Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin



Flak 38


Opel Blitz


Motorcycle w/Sidecar

50mm Mortar
3 Infantry Carts
RSO Tractor
2 Flak 39s




  • Großdeutschland 5. Kp.

    Unit Commander: Adam Bednar
    Unit Formed: 2000 (2007 HRS Chartered)
    Members In: IL, WI, IN, Germany
    (1) Sd.kfz. 247 Command Car
    (1) Sd kfz. 231 6-rad
    (1) Sd.Kfz. 231-8 rad
    (1) Opel Blitz Truck
    (1) Kubelwagen
    (1) PAK 37
    (1) 8 cm GrW 34
    (1) Kettenkrad 1939 sPKW Horch personnel carrier
    (2) 1944 DKW NZ-350-1 motorcycle
    (4) BMW R75 Motorcycle/Sidecars
    (1) 1945 BMW R-71 motorcycle and sidecar combination
    (1) 1942 Field Kitchen

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